Livpure Envy Alkaline

৳ 24,000

Purification Technology: Alkaline+UV+UF

  • 7- stage advanced purification
  • 8 – Litres Storage Capacity
  • Convenient Shutter Tray to fill Water
  • Equipped with Alkaliser
  • Enchances pH of water by adding essential minerals and reduces Oxidation Reduction Potential leading to antioxidant nature of water.This makes water healthier and tastier
  • Wall Mounted Or Counter Top

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Envy Alkaline is an advance RO purifier to eliminate all the impurities to make water healthy and tasty. Envy Alkaline water purifier has 7- stage filter technology to wipe out all impurities and make it cleaner and healthier.

For installation services, make a call on the service contact number mentioned on the product.

It has 7- step water purification technology, as follows –

  1. Super Sediment Filter:Super Sediment filter helps to remove coarse and fine suspended dirt impurities from water.
  2. Pre- Activated Carbon Absorber:It adsorbs residual chlorine and hazardous impurities like pesticides, herbicides, THM’s etc. from water. It also adsorbs bad taste, color, and odor causing odor causing organic compounds from water.
  3. Reverse Osmosis ( RO ) Membrane:The water is passed through the RO membrane at high pressure to remove bacteria, viruses, and protozoa and reduce Dissolved salts, Hardness and heavy metals from water.
  4. Alkaliser:It enhances pH of water by adding essential minerals and reduces Oxidation Reduction Potential leading to antioxidant nature of water.
  5. Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection Column:Ultraviolet radiation disinfect the water from water borne disease causing bacteria, virus and protozoa, thereby making it microbiologically safe to drink.
  6. Ultra Filtration Cartridge:Efficetvly removes bacterias, Giardia,Cysts etc. from water. It also improves the clarity of water by removing fine suspended impurities.
  7. Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Filter:It enhances the taste and quality of purified water by removing volatile organic impurities.
Storage Tank Capacity

8 Litres

Purification Cartridges

Super Sediment Filter, Pre Activated Carbon Absorber, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Alkaliser, UV Disinfection Column, UF Cartridge, Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Filter

Purification Technology

Alkaline RO + UV + UF

Stages Of Purification

7 Stages

Purification Capacity

Upto 15 liters/hour

Type Of Purifier


RO Membrane

75 GPD(Gallons Per Day)

UV Disinfection Column

4 Watt.

Maximum Inlet Pressure

3 Kg/**

Minimum Inlet Pressure

0.3 Kg/*

Input Voltage

100-300V AC/50-60Hz


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